Step 6: Final Project

For our final project we wanted to reexamine our beginning question: “What does it mean to be a treaty person?”  We watched our Step One Video again to remind ourselves about what we thought back in September.  This time students were given the option of how they would like to demonstrate their learning.

One group of students decided to make a video similar to our first one, but showing what we had learned all year.

Another group of students decided to make a Common Craft-style video.

A pair of students took images off the internet and made a powerful photo montage.

Two students wrote and recorded their own song.

And then we were done!  What a fantastic year!  Thank you so much to the University of Regina team:  Dr. Alec Couros, Dr. Jennifer Tupper, Dr. Ken Montgomery, Dr. Patrick Lewis, Joseph Naytowhow, and Katia Hildebrandt.  We have learned so much from you.
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