Step 3: Podcast

Having finished our puppet shows, we still felt that there was a lot to learn about the signing of Treaty 4.  To help us with this, Dr. Patrick Lewis, of the University of Regina put together an easy to read synopsis of the Treaty 4 negotiations:Treaty 4 Story

We read through this as a class and then answered some basic comprehension questions: Treaty 4 Story Questions

When we felt reasonably knowledgeable about Treaty 4, we began our podcasting project.  For this, students used the GarageBand app on the iPads.

Students were asked to create a podcast of a fictional radio show.  In this radio show, they would go back in time to the signing of Treaty 4 and ask the character that they created in the PuppetPals project some questions about the treaty negotiations.

Here is the marking rubric that I used to assess the project: Podcast Rubric

Here are some sample podcasts:

Step 1: Video      →      Step 2: Puppet Show      →      Step 3: Podcast      Step 4: Idle No More    →    Step 5: Stop Motion    →   Step 6: Final Project

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