When asked why/if we should do Treaty Education…

… this is what a few of my former students (9 years old) said.

Anna: “I don’t know why any teacher would not teach their students Treaty Education especially in Canada where the treaties are a big problem because the government did not live up to its promises.  I was inspired by the treaties.  I like to think about what could have happened differently.  I find that it is not as useless as fractions.  It’s more of a life lesson, something to hold on to.”

Ellie: “Since many people don’t know about treaties, it’s important for people to respect treaties.  Everyone must know that treaties were signed.  The treaty was a promise.  And it’s important for everyone to learn about how aboriginal people were on the land first.  Teachers must teach us so we know our history so when we are older we will know more and things will be better.”

River: “It’s good to hear about the people who were here before we came.  It’s good to learn what the government did to help them out and what they did that wasn’t that good.  It sets a different perspective on how you look at the government.”