Claire Kreuger is a grade 3, French Immersion teacher in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in Canada.  She is interested in finding ways of bringing technology and treaty education into all aspects of her classroom.

(Our classroom blog can be found at: mmekreuger.edublogs.org)

This project was started in the hopes of documenting her journey into treaty education.  This will be a place where her students can post their learning and hopefully interact with other classrooms in Saskatchewan and abroad about what it is like to be a “treaty” person. 

The premise of this project is that we are all treaty people. 

Treaties are beneficial to all people in Saskatchewan.  They are considered mutually beneficial arrangements that guarantee a co-existence between the treaty parties.  Newcomers and their descendents benefit from the wealth generated from the land and the foundational rights provided in the treaties.  They built their society in this new land where some were looking for political and religious freedoms.  Today, there are misconceptions that only First Nations peoples are part of the treaties, but in reality, both parties are part of treaty.  All people in Saskatchewan are treaty people.

  Treaty Essential Learnings  p16.


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