Tipi Raising

“For every time that a pole is added, a rope goes around to bind that pole into place. You have to be there and see it to appreciate that teaching. That rope is a sacred bond, binding all the teachings together until they are all connected.” -Elder Mary Lee


We began this school year with a tipi raising ceremony.

tipi raising and bbq 2015 002

As a school, we learned about the teachings of each of the fifteen poles and then each class gave a tobacco offering to our Saulteaux knowledge keeper, before helping to put up one pole.

tipi (8)
When the tipi was up, several men from local First Nations sang and danced Pow-wow. Then the whole school joined in a great round dance around the tipi. It was a moving sight to see, the entire school united as one, honouring the history of this land.



Tipi Raising Article

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