Living off the Land Unit

Treaty Education outcome TR3 states: “Examine the relationships between First Nation peoples and the land, before and after the signing of treaties. This correlates nicely with ELA outcome CR3.1b: “Describe similarities between experiences and traditions encountered in daily life and those portrayed in various texts including First Nations and M├ętis texts.”

To start this unit, we read the first half of the book:
Day in the Life

We discussed problematic vocabulary from the book such as the terms: “Indian”, “buffalo”, “tribes” and the names such as “Tall Wolf”.

Then we completed this comparison worksheet as a class:
Living Off the Land Comparison

The final project is a puppet show that we’ll be making with the Puppet Pals app. Here’s my sample:

Here is the marking rubric:
Lets Compare-Rubric

Living off the land-assignment-rubric-PDF

Here is the assignment sheet:
Lets Compare Assignment

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